i'm one of the few people in the world that likes to do just a little bit of everything. Reading, writing and playing my drums are some of the main things. i love to read, especially books that pertain to my interest. Some of the series i really enjoy reading are the House of Night series, Vladimir Tod, Dead is, Blood Ninja, Maximum Ride and an old one : the Land of Elyon. All of these series are A M A Z I N G. <3
i was SO depressed when Vladimir Tod and Land of Elyon books ended, because both kept me reading from start to finish, and i could hardly put them down, or better yet wait to get the next one! 

Now the House of Night series - definite MUST read. So far there have been eight books, and the ninth comes out in about a month! i'm ecstatic! :D it is thrilling ; filled with romance, comedy, drama, suspense, magic, supernatural, VAMPYRES, etc. And some of you may think, "i'm so sick of vampires," but this is a whole new genre of vampires, yeah these vampires don't sparkle. Another absolutely wonderful series you should check out is Maximum Ride. One of my bestfriend's got me into this series a while back, and i thank her so much for that. That series is so incredibly intense, and i cannot wait until i can buy the next book : MAX and after that is Fang, and then Angel. <3 Blood Ninja, was a random book choosing all because i liked the cover, and the fact that it said Ninja on it. :p ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE. i honestly don't how to even describe this book. it's so action-packed and indescribably beautiful with gore and suspense. i still haven't gotten to the second one yet, because of all the books i'm in the proccess of reading, but eventually i'll get to all of them! Until then, make shure you buy those books, i promise you won't regret it! (:

- Stay Golden forever, 
     Jessica. <3

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