Children. Yes, my topic today happens to be children. Why? Ohohoho, I will get that to that very shortly. First, I just wanna let you know that brain did not explode and I did not die. Although it was a very busy and tiring weekend, I got through it and it was very rewarding. It feels good to know that I'm doing something for people who need it, while doing something for myself at the same time. The Warrior Dash was absolutely amazing ; We ran a 3k obstacle course - climbing walls, jumping over cars and tires, sliding down poles, walking tight-ropes and best of all, jumping into a pool of mud! Besides that, we got shirts and 'warrior' hats, and I had so much fun! :D

Anyways, back to children. They're bad. Really bad. In about January, coincidentally when I stopped blogging, my six-year old ( or as she would say, six and three quarters ) cousin, Emily, moved in with my family. It's a long story, but in short, her parents are drug addicts ( now in rehab or whatever ) and were not fit to take care of her. After she moved in with my grandparents, but they are getting pretty old now and having to pay a lot of medical bills because my Grandpa is not in the best shape, so she moved in with us. At first I was like, meh, because it was like getting the little sister I never had. I cannot even begin to explain to how wrong I was.

She is a six-year old, maniacal, physchotic, freaky D E V I L. There is no other way to explain it. Ever seen the movie The Orphan? Yeah, that's basically her, expect maybe not the whole actually-30-year-old-crazy-woman disorder. Lemme just tell you a little bit about her. First of all, she's manipulative. Everyone thinks she cute, but she's really not. I honestly don't know what people see in her. She uses her 'cuteness' to get what she wants. Someone tells her no, and her automatic response is the pupppy dog lip and tears i her eyes. Of course, she has to ask Why? or Why not? AGH. Second, she's a freaking demon. She holds her water bottle like a freak and walks around giggling like there's nothing the entire world going on! She chuckles like freaking CHUCKIE! Third, she cries over everything. One time, Joshua got more than her, and she threw a 20 minute long fit. Screaming, bawling, crying for twenty minutes straight. I even got a couple recordings of it. It's really sad - and that was all over OLIVES. Fourth, she never stops asking question, or rather, never shuts up. Oh, you're gonna give me the "she's only six and a half!" crap? If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that, I would have already built her a separate home in my backyard. Fifth, she chews with her mouth open. ALL THE TIME. She's been here for four months, and since day one, we've told her to stop, and she still doesn't. Like, honestly? Sixth, she's always staring at you. I could be just watching TV, minding my own business, look up, and she's WATCHING ME. WITH HER FREAKY DEVIL CHILD EYES. Seventh, she leaves her crap EVERYWHERE. It's bad enough that Jacob and Joshua do it, now we have freakily-large ALIEN shoes and socks and backpacks and papers and other crap laying all over the place. Eighth, and I think I might stop here, she has, like, compulsive lying syndrome. If someone accuses her of something, she either starts crying, says, "Maybe, I don't know." ( Even if she really didn't do it, she's just too stupid to know the answer, which reminds me I have a ninth reason ) or both. Ninth, she is as stupid as dirt. "What is that?" "What does that mean?" "I don't get it." "Why?" "Why not?" SHUT UP. Okay, maybe I sound a little mean, but trust me, if you ever met her, you would wanna kill yourself. Like me. I'm shure there's a million other reason why she's a physchotic little demon, but I'll just leave it at that. You prolly don't wanna know that much about her anyways.. >.<

- Stay Golden forever, 
    Jessica. <

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