Just because someone looks a little bit different, acts a little bit different, does anything a little bit different, was born a little bit different, doesn't mean you should treat them a little bit different. Everyone's different. No one's the same. if you think someone's ugly, well maybe they think you're ugly. No one is every going to be perfect, and no one's even come close to it. 

it is one thing to make fun of someone who has weird hair, or has a big nose, or maybe has couple screws up in their head loose, (; but when you make fun of someone with special needs, you're taking it to a whole new level. When you say something bad about them, you're picking a fight with me. My littler brother Jacob, was born with severe Autism. He just recently turned nine years old, and he can't talk yet. We're still waiting for him to say his first word, and i'm hoping we don't have to wait much longer. He is just the cutest, sweetest, most amazing little kid ever, and i don't know how anyone could EVER say anything about him, Or anybody that is like him. <3 They were born the way they were, and what we say will not change that, and what they do or how they look is not their fault. i think it is SO unfair for these kids to go through what they have to, and for us to treat them like that just makes it even worse for them. i hope someday all these people who say so many bad things about others soon learn that they themselves aren't perfect, just like everybody else. 

- Stay Golden forever,
     Jessica. <3

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