Sorry i haven't wrote in a while, been a busy few weeks. 

Most people are afraid to fall in love. Most people don't know the true meaning of love. Most people are ready to give up on love when they are still young. But the truth is, you may find your true love when you're five, ten, fifteen or fifty, you just have to be patient enough to wait for that moment. Some people fall in love with what they see, others with what they hear. it's hard know what love is when you've never even been close to that point before. i think i'm scared to fall in love, because i already know it'll never be easy. Especially if what i actually thought was love, was just some excuse. Someday i'll be able to find the right guy, but until then, i'm gonna keep my head up. Too many people are so focused on being in a relationship, they are so oblivious to everything else that is going on around them ; school, family, friends, those should always come first to a getting a boyfriend / girlfriend. i don't need somebody right now, but if that right guy comes along, and i know that my heart will be safe from hurting, i'll give him a chance. (; You never know, sometimes they just seem to fall right out of the sky. . . <3

- Stay Golden forever, 
     Jessica. <3

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