Well, hellooooo! Haven't been on here in a while, eh? jk I'm not Canadian lol. Sorry it's been like four or five months since I last wrote but here I am again! I missed this! Things have changed, lemme tell you that!
I dunno how much I will start blogging but I will try as much as I can because I realized how much I miss writing and how beastly our blog is. (; Anyways, my life has been extremely busy lately, expecially this week. First of all, I have to write a five page research paper that is due on Monday. Second, I have to make a pinata for Spanish that has already taken three days to make. Along with that, I have Biology homework. Then, I have to work with Madison's NJHS to make T-shirts for the Relay for Life we are doing Friday! Whcih goes from 6pm to 6am, so I am going to be extremely tired on Saturday, which is when I have to finish writing my essay. And, all by today, we have to bake brownies, bake cookies, make bracelets and make a banner for Relay for Life. THEN, on Sunday, we have a Warrior Run that is probably going to last all day. Monday is not gonna be a walk through the meadow for me.. .___.
I don't know how I'm going to do all of this in one weekend. Something is wrong with me. If I don't blog, it's probably because I'm dead or my brain exploded... which means I'd be dead so yeah. ;D
Oy vey, Holy cow, Oh my god, WOW! - Mac Millllaaa. <3

- Stay Golden forever, 
    Jessica. <3

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