For those of you who are wondering, smd means 'smack my donkey'. Justkidding, i'm not going to tell you the real meaning. (: i honestly want to shoot myself in the face because i have to go back to school tomorrow after a two week break. i am not at all looking forward to getting yelled at, learning pointless stuff that i will most like not need later on in life and getting up at 6 am. For those of you who are, i'm jealous. i wish i had the energy to be EXCITED for something that takes so much time out of my life. The only thing good about school, is getting away from family and getting to see my friends. Some of my friends i didn't get to see for a whole two weeks, and that sucked! And others i got to hangout with quite a few times over break. First quarter went by so fast i kept thinking it was still Summer! But now i'm starting to realize that i have to go back to school tomorrow. YAY. Well i guess i should go get ready for bed now, wish me luck! 

- Stay Golden forever, 
     Jessica. <3 

PS. - Blog updates may not occur as much due to school being back in session, but i will try my best to post every 

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