Merry Christmas! Usually by this time of the year I am counting down the days until Christmas, but this year i have not even really payed attention to it.  I have an explanation, This Christmas me and my family are going up to Montana for a family reunion, so my parents decided not to put up out Christmas tree or put up any lights.  I feel like Ebeneezer Scruge.   
      I am so excited to go to Montana and see everybody. I do not even care if i get anything, just seeing my family is the best gift ever! <3 Also, i am going to see snow for my first time. GAHH! I just want to die of excitement! I get to build a snowman and i might ice skate on a lake! Then we are planning to go skiing! 
  BE YOU!,
P.S. Sorry that the blog is really short, and im sorry about not blogging for like a month :/