Honestly, I am not one for relationships. Right now i am more focused on schooling and guitar because those are things that will benefit me later in life and will help me with my career choice.  I am not going to put myself out there and act desperate to get a guy.  If i boy i like asks me out I am not going to lie, I will most likely say yes. But my belief is that i have all my life ahead of me to date.  Right now I just want to make sure that i have a good education to support my career later in life.  Call me a nerd, but that is what i believe.
     What do I like in a guy?? The most important thing that i look for in a guy is personality.  They have to have a good personality for me to like them.  I hate guys who are jerks! Looks also help.  I am attracted to long hair and green eyes.  Always have! 
-Be You,
    Madison! <3
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