Dear people of the internet,
Good Morning children. The Earth says hello! Wasssuppp? You guys probably have some common sense and can tell that i am on fall break, so i will have plenty of time to blogg now! At least for the next three weeks, because i will not be in school! HOLLA! But i am super excited for many reasons. 1. My birffdayy is in a couple of weeks 2. I am leaving for Montana on Friday! Gahhh, I love that place. It's practically my home, except for the fact that i live in a Hell hole that many people refer to as Arizona. But it's hell. But for the next two weeks i'm gunna be chillin by a lake and laying in paradise. While letting my skin become sun glowed. Oh wait. Jk. Imma a ginger that's not gunna happen, but i may get a killer sunburn! On the down side of going is I have to leave behind my cherished boyfriend and beloved friends. Including Jessica. :(  Well i'm gunna stop procrastinating and go clean my room so I do not get in trouble! D: Peace my anonomys ( or however you spell that word ) friendd. Look both ways before you cross the street and drink plenty of orange juice.

-Be You! <3
   Madison ;D

Dear whoever reads this,
I am so sorry for not writing, It's not that I don't mean to, because I love writitng; I truley do, but I've been caught up in this living hell. You guessed it, School's back in session. It's time to buckle down and get bored to death. No joke. Since I am currently in my Biology class, I thought it would be clever to write about highschool and all that it's turned out to be. Since i am a Freshman. And let's just stick this out there. Highschool is not what it seems. You hear from everyone that it's supposed to be the best time of your life. Well i let that thought go right over my head and i let the nerves take over. I was literally scared to death. I pleaded and pleaded not to go to school the first day. I don't really know what i was afraid of. Was it the fact that i am vulnerable and easy to pick on, or the fact that it is such a big place and i was just one small person, and i didn't matter? Either way i still felt afraid. But once i stepped into the school, i realized there was nothing to be afraid of and that all people are going to have to face some challenges at one point, no matter if your a loner or a football jock. But see i fall inbetween, I have plenty of friends, but my name isn't whispered through the hallways and people are not excited to see me. But the jist of this entry is, highschool is not all that great either. I like how it a new start, how if you made any mistakes the year before, they have all been forgotten, pushed in the back of your and everybody elses minds. All in all, don't let your nerves get to you, but don't be cocky and rude, and definatley don't let your grades slip, because this is the place for the bigshots and dreamers. Well the bells about to ring so i gotta go.
- Be You,
   Madison <3
        Kayy, Once again I am sorry for not blogging i just forget. Whatevaa, It happens. But i have two things to talk about todayy. Cancer stories( I'll go deeper into it later) and the difference between talking shit and stating your opinion. I'm gunna start off with the whole opinion thing. Okay, just because you don't like something or someone and you verbally say it doesn't mean your talking crap about them. It really annoys me on how ignorant people are today, it's like they are so vulnerable to judge people that they do not even listen to the whole story, they just take out bits and parts or what they want to hear and assume you are talking crap. Honestly, it bugs the crap out of me. You can just be saying that a shirt may be to revealing for the situation and it turns into a whole thing to where someone wants to kill you! Like really, I didn't know that I live in a country where I can't express my opinion. I'm sorry, but situations like this are just really retarded. It's not like im going around calling you a slut and telling everyone how you need to change your life and just plain hating on you. No. All i said was that your shirt may be a little to revealing for this situation. Or by saying you don't particularly   
like someone. It's not like i am going around talking crap about you and telling everyone how much of a bitch you are. No. I am just saying i don't care for you. And go ahead talk crap about me for it all you want cause the odds are you don't know anything about me. Enough said. Moving on.
     Next rant, Is it just me or am i the only one who realizes that the only cancer stories that get published are ones about kids. Yea, I understand that they are kids and they haven't really gotten a chance to live and whatever, but really? So many people go through with cancer, In fact my grandpa died of cancer, I didn't see any news stories about him. And honestly, I don't think any news stories should be published or any fundraisers should be done for a specific person, because there are probably people with cancer that have less money and have worse conditions than the person you are fundraising for. It's just sad how blinded people are today. I'm not meaning to sound like a bitch or whatever you wanna call me, but it's just how i feel. 
P.S. Sorry if this makes no complete sense. I just wrote it down really quick, and i'm to lazy to read it throughh cause it's quite lenghtyy. 
    For all of one and a half of you that actually read this blog I am sorry that i have not blogged in like forever! I have some good explinations. There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life latley. After my sister and her boyfriend broke up, she moved in with me and my family and then she took up a lot of my time because we are like best friends. Well not really at times we can got a long and other times we are enemies. But still. 
    Also, i have been focusing on school. School has always been a big part in who i am.  I have always wanted to be a smart successful person. I have been getting straight A's and i am very proud of myself.  And i know this change will get me far. I really dont care if people think i am a nerd, cause honestly im not. My personality tells people otherwise. 
    On top of that, i have been changing a lot as a person. I dont know if i am becoming more mature or just simply growing up, but i have been realizing who my real friends are. I have gotten to notice that some of the people i thought were my bestfriends slip away from my grip just because something happened. I just have lost touch with some of the people i thought were really close with.  It also helped me realize that i do not want to treat anybody like that no matter what, because i have been through it and i know its not the best thing to go through. 
     First of all, Happy New Year! During my trip to Montana me, my mom, my brother, my aunt and my cousin decided to go skiing.  I was very nervous at first, but once we got to the lodge i became very excited. First, we had a 2 hour lesson on the bunny hill. I quickly got familiar will the skis and was doing good.  Then after our lesson we decided to head up to the slopes. All the easy slopes were closed due to the wind.  So once again the nerves returned.  They willingly sent up three ski patrol men and thank god they did! I absolutely hate heights so i was very uncomfortable with the ride up on the lift.  Once we got off the lift i started skiing, but there was a problem i was going super fast and could not slow down.  No matter how much i snow plowed i would not slow down, so i eventually just sat down.  It was probably the worst pain i have felt in my life.  I got snow all up my back and if someone touched me it felt like they were stabbing a dagger into my back.  The ski patrol had to go down and get toboggan because i could not move.  So i rode down the steep part of the slope in the toboggan. After awhile i decided that i think i could do the rest of the slope because it was wayyyyyy less steep.  So i get out of the sled put on my skis and all of a sudden i am going just as fast skiing down the mountain again.  I was going so fast that the ski patrol thought they could not catch me.  But about half way down i decided just to sit down, i thought it would save me some pain, i was wrong.  The pain was worse than the first fall. so they got the ski patrol again and i just rode the toboggan down the rest of the way.  It was really weird, because EVERYBODYY was looking at me like what happened to this girl, or is she okay.  When i got home i just went straight to bed and the next day i could not walk.  The reasons why i was having problems with slowing down is that the slopes were not even snowy, they were like ice, which made it hard to stop or slow down.  But, im still alive and now i have something to laugh at! :D
     -Be You
      Merry Christmas! Usually by this time of the year I am counting down the days until Christmas, but this year i have not even really payed attention to it.  I have an explanation, This Christmas me and my family are going up to Montana for a family reunion, so my parents decided not to put up out Christmas tree or put up any lights.  I feel like Ebeneezer Scruge.   
      I am so excited to go to Montana and see everybody. I do not even care if i get anything, just seeing my family is the best gift ever! <3 Also, i am going to see snow for my first time. GAHH! I just want to die of excitement! I get to build a snowman and i might ice skate on a lake! Then we are planning to go skiing! 
  BE YOU!,
P.S. Sorry that the blog is really short, and im sorry about not blogging for like a month :/
When it come to weird dreams i have had my share of them.  When i was like 3 or 4 i had a huge fear of E.T.  I know what you are probably thinking, How could someone be scared of the nice little alien! I have no clue, but I was.  So, it started off i was in Burger King playland and an intercom thingy comes on and it was like "Please evacuate the Playland" and all the little kids left except for me.  Then all of a sudden E.T popped out from no where.  And he was giving me a dirty look and so i somehow got a sword and chopped off his head! And  all i remember is that he followed me around everywhere saying " that wasn't very nice"

If that did not make me crazy, then this one will! so i was in my neighborhood and all i remember is that is was flooded and there were like killer whales and sharks running around! And i was just like chilling with them. And then it went like all black.  When it got light again, all the water was gone. So me and my family are acting as if nothing happened and we are just going out to dinner.  All of a sudden there is a zombie apocalypse.  Everyone is running and screaming and WABAM! i pull out a M16 and started going crazy and killing every zombie in sight.  Then, i woke up!

- Be You
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Sorry, i know i have not done this in a while, but i have been so god dang busy! :/

          As a kid I always dreamed of being a princess and marrying a prince. I was so sold on it too, I swore it was going to happen... until about the day i turned 7.  But, doesn't every girl dream of the fairy tale life. Finally, I descended upon my dreams and faced a cold, hard thing- Reality.  No matter what, i am still going to dream. For an instance, I desire living my life on stage. i want to be a professional guitarist, but nothing is going to get me there other than practice.  I have the ambition to get there but I am always filled with doubts like I am not good enough and nobody will like my music and crap like that. It is like i have an angel on one shoulder building me up and a devil on the other with a wrecking ball  knocking me down.  
        Another dream i have had for awhile now is to work with autistic kids and eventually open a daycare for kids with special needs.  A lot of inspiration had came to me when i met Jessica's little brother Jacob <3, he is autistic and one of the best things that has ever happened to me! <3 I love him to death and i would grow through the world to defend him! Kids like him are what make me want follow my dreams, and kids like him are always in my heart! <3
  -Be You

      Honestly, I am not one for relationships. Right now i am more focused on schooling and guitar because those are things that will benefit me later in life and will help me with my career choice.  I am not going to put myself out there and act desperate to get a guy.  If i boy i like asks me out I am not going to lie, I will most likely say yes. But my belief is that i have all my life ahead of me to date.  Right now I just want to make sure that i have a good education to support my career later in life.  Call me a nerd, but that is what i believe.
     What do I like in a guy?? The most important thing that i look for in a guy is personality.  They have to have a good personality for me to like them.  I hate guys who are jerks! Looks also help.  I am attracted to long hair and green eyes.  Always have! 
-Be You,
    Madison! <3
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And specail thanks to Bailey for the topic 

       Most people listen to the stereotypical pop songs that are all about the same thing either sex, drugs, or drinking.  My musical taste has nothing to do with that.  The music i listen to has requirements for me to like it.  Not only does the song have to have a catchy tune; it has to speak to me, or has to have a deeper meaning.  That is why i absolutely LOVE paramore, their songs are always capable of cheering me up.  Their music get me in a mood that is impossible to explain.Its like I just want to grab my guitar and jam out with them.  Plus, all there songs have a really deep and an intelligent meaning behind them which makes their music irresistible to me.  Another band i enjoy listening to for these reasons is Flyleaf.  Their music enlightens me but it still has the rock feeling that I love.  They have deep Christian meanings that in a way makes me want to be a better person. I could listen to their songs on repeat all day if i could!   Don't get me wrong I like a little bit of everything, even country. It really just matters on the overview of the songs.  

-Be You,
      Madison! <3