Dear whoever reads this,
I am so sorry for not writing, It's not that I don't mean to, because I love writitng; I truley do, but I've been caught up in this living hell. You guessed it, School's back in session. It's time to buckle down and get bored to death. No joke. Since I am currently in my Biology class, I thought it would be clever to write about highschool and all that it's turned out to be. Since i am a Freshman. And let's just stick this out there. Highschool is not what it seems. You hear from everyone that it's supposed to be the best time of your life. Well i let that thought go right over my head and i let the nerves take over. I was literally scared to death. I pleaded and pleaded not to go to school the first day. I don't really know what i was afraid of. Was it the fact that i am vulnerable and easy to pick on, or the fact that it is such a big place and i was just one small person, and i didn't matter? Either way i still felt afraid. But once i stepped into the school, i realized there was nothing to be afraid of and that all people are going to have to face some challenges at one point, no matter if your a loner or a football jock. But see i fall inbetween, I have plenty of friends, but my name isn't whispered through the hallways and people are not excited to see me. But the jist of this entry is, highschool is not all that great either. I like how it a new start, how if you made any mistakes the year before, they have all been forgotten, pushed in the back of your and everybody elses minds. All in all, don't let your nerves get to you, but don't be cocky and rude, and definatley don't let your grades slip, because this is the place for the bigshots and dreamers. Well the bells about to ring so i gotta go.
- Be You,
   Madison <3

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