Sorry, i know i have not done this in a while, but i have been so god dang busy! :/

          As a kid I always dreamed of being a princess and marrying a prince. I was so sold on it too, I swore it was going to happen... until about the day i turned 7.  But, doesn't every girl dream of the fairy tale life. Finally, I descended upon my dreams and faced a cold, hard thing- Reality.  No matter what, i am still going to dream. For an instance, I desire living my life on stage. i want to be a professional guitarist, but nothing is going to get me there other than practice.  I have the ambition to get there but I am always filled with doubts like I am not good enough and nobody will like my music and crap like that. It is like i have an angel on one shoulder building me up and a devil on the other with a wrecking ball  knocking me down.  
        Another dream i have had for awhile now is to work with autistic kids and eventually open a daycare for kids with special needs.  A lot of inspiration had came to me when i met Jessica's little brother Jacob <3, he is autistic and one of the best things that has ever happened to me! <3 I love him to death and i would grow through the world to defend him! Kids like him are what make me want follow my dreams, and kids like him are always in my heart! <3
  -Be You

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