My brother Sam is the most annoying person in the world! He is 15 but he acts like he is 3.  He complains when something does not go his way.  Adding on to the cons, he plays Xbox all day adn the worst part is he talks to one person he met on there.  His name is Austin.  Me and Jessica believe they willl run off and get an apartment together and be GayLovers forever and ever.  And he only had one level LOUD! I swear i can never get any sleep in that house! He is also a jerk. He hates me.  He hits me and laughs about it.  and he wonders why i hate him. It is like i am a brick wall that is about to tumble down 

Welcome!  This is where me, Madison, will be blogging! I have no idea how this is going to turn out or how many people are actually going to read this, but i am trying to keep positive thoughts in my head.  I will be writing about my thoughts, feelings, something that stuck out to me, something that made me laugh, music, really anything! I will try to update it regularly but with me going to school and having tons of homework  things might get difficult.  So look forward to that.  And remember to is you have any comment or ideas leave them in the comment box in the Share your Ideas :D page! I hope you enjoy our blog!