Kayy, Once again I am sorry for not blogging i just forget. Whatevaa, It happens. But i have two things to talk about todayy. Cancer stories( I'll go deeper into it later) and the difference between talking shit and stating your opinion. I'm gunna start off with the whole opinion thing. Okay, just because you don't like something or someone and you verbally say it doesn't mean your talking crap about them. It really annoys me on how ignorant people are today, it's like they are so vulnerable to judge people that they do not even listen to the whole story, they just take out bits and parts or what they want to hear and assume you are talking crap. Honestly, it bugs the crap out of me. You can just be saying that a shirt may be to revealing for the situation and it turns into a whole thing to where someone wants to kill you! Like really, I didn't know that I live in a country where I can't express my opinion. I'm sorry, but situations like this are just really retarded. It's not like im going around calling you a slut and telling everyone how you need to change your life and just plain hating on you. No. All i said was that your shirt may be a little to revealing for this situation. Or by saying you don't particularly   
like someone. It's not like i am going around talking crap about you and telling everyone how much of a bitch you are. No. I am just saying i don't care for you. And go ahead talk crap about me for it all you want cause the odds are you don't know anything about me. Enough said. Moving on.
     Next rant, Is it just me or am i the only one who realizes that the only cancer stories that get published are ones about kids. Yea, I understand that they are kids and they haven't really gotten a chance to live and whatever, but really? So many people go through with cancer, In fact my grandpa died of cancer, I didn't see any news stories about him. And honestly, I don't think any news stories should be published or any fundraisers should be done for a specific person, because there are probably people with cancer that have less money and have worse conditions than the person you are fundraising for. It's just sad how blinded people are today. I'm not meaning to sound like a bitch or whatever you wanna call me, but it's just how i feel. 
P.S. Sorry if this makes no complete sense. I just wrote it down really quick, and i'm to lazy to read it throughh cause it's quite lenghtyy. 

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