First of all, Happy New Year! During my trip to Montana me, my mom, my brother, my aunt and my cousin decided to go skiing.  I was very nervous at first, but once we got to the lodge i became very excited. First, we had a 2 hour lesson on the bunny hill. I quickly got familiar will the skis and was doing good.  Then after our lesson we decided to head up to the slopes. All the easy slopes were closed due to the wind.  So once again the nerves returned.  They willingly sent up three ski patrol men and thank god they did! I absolutely hate heights so i was very uncomfortable with the ride up on the lift.  Once we got off the lift i started skiing, but there was a problem i was going super fast and could not slow down.  No matter how much i snow plowed i would not slow down, so i eventually just sat down.  It was probably the worst pain i have felt in my life.  I got snow all up my back and if someone touched me it felt like they were stabbing a dagger into my back.  The ski patrol had to go down and get toboggan because i could not move.  So i rode down the steep part of the slope in the toboggan. After awhile i decided that i think i could do the rest of the slope because it was wayyyyyy less steep.  So i get out of the sled put on my skis and all of a sudden i am going just as fast skiing down the mountain again.  I was going so fast that the ski patrol thought they could not catch me.  But about half way down i decided just to sit down, i thought it would save me some pain, i was wrong.  The pain was worse than the first fall. so they got the ski patrol again and i just rode the toboggan down the rest of the way.  It was really weird, because EVERYBODYY was looking at me like what happened to this girl, or is she okay.  When i got home i just went straight to bed and the next day i could not walk.  The reasons why i was having problems with slowing down is that the slopes were not even snowy, they were like ice, which made it hard to stop or slow down.  But, im still alive and now i have something to laugh at! :D
     -Be You

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