For all of one and a half of you that actually read this blog I am sorry that i have not blogged in like forever! I have some good explinations. There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life latley. After my sister and her boyfriend broke up, she moved in with me and my family and then she took up a lot of my time because we are like best friends. Well not really at times we can got a long and other times we are enemies. But still. 
    Also, i have been focusing on school. School has always been a big part in who i am.  I have always wanted to be a smart successful person. I have been getting straight A's and i am very proud of myself.  And i know this change will get me far. I really dont care if people think i am a nerd, cause honestly im not. My personality tells people otherwise. 
    On top of that, i have been changing a lot as a person. I dont know if i am becoming more mature or just simply growing up, but i have been realizing who my real friends are. I have gotten to notice that some of the people i thought were my bestfriends slip away from my grip just because something happened. I just have lost touch with some of the people i thought were really close with.  It also helped me realize that i do not want to treat anybody like that no matter what, because i have been through it and i know its not the best thing to go through. 

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