Most of you have siblings, right? if you don't, YOU'RE LUCKY. And if you wish you did, YOU'RE CRAZY. The main thing i'm focusing on here are younger siblings. LITTLE. IMMATURE. CHILDREN. if you have a younger brother or sister, you know exactly what i'm talking about. They do more than just get on your nerves. They bend, break and twist them until you fall apart. Sometimes i think i have the worst of them all. 

My little brother's name is Joshua, he's two and a half years younger than me, and he looks like Justin Bieber - great way to start off, right? NOT. He's terrible. He makes me want to rip people's throats out and give them to flesh-eating zombies. Of course, when they're younger, they never, ever, know when to stop. They just keep pushing, and pulling, and shoving, and ripping, and throwing until YOU are the one that gets in trouble. Not the one who is actually causing you pain or miserableness, but you. i have yet to come up with a strategy to defeat the despair this child causes me, but when i do, i'll let you know. (; So far, all i can do is just agree with every little comment that he makes, whether it's true or not, because he eventually he just shuts up. Today i figured out he decided to steal that from me, after all the times he was saying how stupid it was for me to agree with him. BUT WHATEVER. Maybe someday he'll finally grow up, as will yours. Until then, stay strong - eventually they will learn. 

- Stay Golden forever, 
     Jessica. <3

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