Dear people of the internet,
Good Morning children. The Earth says hello! Wasssuppp? You guys probably have some common sense and can tell that i am on fall break, so i will have plenty of time to blogg now! At least for the next three weeks, because i will not be in school! HOLLA! But i am super excited for many reasons. 1. My birffdayy is in a couple of weeks 2. I am leaving for Montana on Friday! Gahhh, I love that place. It's practically my home, except for the fact that i live in a Hell hole that many people refer to as Arizona. But it's hell. But for the next two weeks i'm gunna be chillin by a lake and laying in paradise. While letting my skin become sun glowed. Oh wait. Jk. Imma a ginger that's not gunna happen, but i may get a killer sunburn! On the down side of going is I have to leave behind my cherished boyfriend and beloved friends. Including Jessica. :(  Well i'm gunna stop procrastinating and go clean my room so I do not get in trouble! D: Peace my anonomys ( or however you spell that word ) friendd. Look both ways before you cross the street and drink plenty of orange juice.

-Be You! <3
   Madison ;D

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