Most people listen to the stereotypical pop songs that are all about the same thing either sex, drugs, or drinking.  My musical taste has nothing to do with that.  The music i listen to has requirements for me to like it.  Not only does the song have to have a catchy tune; it has to speak to me, or has to have a deeper meaning.  That is why i absolutely LOVE paramore, their songs are always capable of cheering me up.  Their music get me in a mood that is impossible to explain.Its like I just want to grab my guitar and jam out with them.  Plus, all there songs have a really deep and an intelligent meaning behind them which makes their music irresistible to me.  Another band i enjoy listening to for these reasons is Flyleaf.  Their music enlightens me but it still has the rock feeling that I love.  They have deep Christian meanings that in a way makes me want to be a better person. I could listen to their songs on repeat all day if i could!   Don't get me wrong I like a little bit of everything, even country. It really just matters on the overview of the songs.  

-Be You,
      Madison! <3 


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