When it come to weird dreams i have had my share of them.  When i was like 3 or 4 i had a huge fear of E.T.  I know what you are probably thinking, How could someone be scared of the nice little alien! I have no clue, but I was.  So, it started off i was in Burger King playland and an intercom thingy comes on and it was like "Please evacuate the Playland" and all the little kids left except for me.  Then all of a sudden E.T popped out from no where.  And he was giving me a dirty look and so i somehow got a sword and chopped off his head! And  all i remember is that he followed me around everywhere saying " that wasn't very nice"

If that did not make me crazy, then this one will! so i was in my neighborhood and all i remember is that is was flooded and there were like killer whales and sharks running around! And i was just like chilling with them. And then it went like all black.  When it got light again, all the water was gone. So me and my family are acting as if nothing happened and we are just going out to dinner.  All of a sudden there is a zombie apocalypse.  Everyone is running and screaming and WABAM! i pull out a M16 and started going crazy and killing every zombie in sight.  Then, i woke up!

- Be You
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